MLA Green Basic Information

MLA Green Basic Information

 Accountability: A commitment to this program is displayed through good attendance and showing up on time to practice and meets. It is important to bring a positive attitude to practice and remain open-minded about the challenges your coach presents day in and day out. This also includes making good choices in and out of the pool setting.Practice time drop off, 10 minutes before start time. And for swim meets, 20 minutes before warm-up. Strive to get your swimmer ON DECK and READY to practice before the scheduled start time. Not walking in the door at that time.


Evaluation: 8 & Under swimmers must be able to swim 1 length of the pool (25 yards) unassisted on their front and back to participate. 9-10 year old swimmers must be able to swim 2 lengths (50 yards) unassisted on their front and back to participate. 11 & up must be able to swim 4 lengths (100 yards) unassisted on their front and back to participate.


Equipment: Swim Caps For Meets-MLA cap recommended, all other caps must have 1 or less business logos. Please, no caps from other teams or schools. Competitive style suit-(one piece for girls, jammer or brief for boys) Training equipment is provided by ebay hoverboard bluetooth.


Internet: At, you can find all meet and practice times, meet entry deadlines, qualifying times, directions to pools, team apparel, and lots of other important information. Check the ‘What’s Happening?’ and ‘Calendar’ sections often because things can change with short notice!


Mailbox: Each family is provided a mailbox (folder) located in the lobby of the Holland Aquatic Center. Awards, newsletters, and other important information will be distributed there. Parents and swimmers should get in the habit of checking their mailbox after each practice so papers don’t pile up.


Verbal: There are often verbal communications given to the swimmers by the coaches. Ask your swimmer daily if there is any news you should know about. Coaches are also usually available to talk in the lobby after practice. Please, do not go on deck!!!


Bulletin Board: There is a team bulletin board located near the mailboxes in the lobby. The bulletin board is used to post articles, schedules, photos, qualifying times, and other important information.

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