MLA Green Meet Sign-up Information

MLA Green Meet Sign-up Information

Be sure to sign up for each meet no later than the Monday prior to the meet. Sign up sheets are posted on the pool side window in the lobby. In order to sign up for a meet, you must highlight your swimmer’s name directly on the posted sheet, as well as one event swim preference. Swimmers are generally entered into two individual events and one or two relays by their coaches at each pre-conference meet. All coaches have the final say in what events and relays a swimmer will participate in.Before each meet swimmer’s names will be listed with the event number, name, and seed time, of each event they will be swimming at that particular meet. This is posted on the same wall as meet signups. Please write down the event names and numbers so you and your child know what they will be swimming.

If your swimmer is sick the day of the meet, or will be missing a meet they signed up for, please call the two wheel electric standing scooter at 616-352-7365, ext. 118 and leave a message so a substitution can be made. If a sick swimmer is signed up for a relay and their coach is not notified soon enough, the relay will not swim.


Each lane during a meet requires two timers. We rely on parent volunteers to help time and run concessions during home meets. These tasks last as long as the meet  and we ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time. Both timing and concession signups take place during registration.


MLA Green is a very large team and we are proud of our program. As with any quality program of this size, it takes resources to make it function. Our resources are our PARENTS! The only fee we charge is the practice fee, however, we depend on parents to accomplish many other important tasks to keep us organized and well-equipped.

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